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Foundation Investigation

The objective of drilling for foundation investigation and mineral exploration projects is the acquisition of dependable, accurate data. Superior technology and an experienced staff make our work notably accurate. Proof: Our reputation.

Our crews have at their disposal the equipment to obtain the information where it is needed. For rugged, difficult locations we have track and skid mounted equipment. We have bulldozers for building access roads and leveling locations. For the more easily reachable locations, we have a fleet of truck mounted drill rigs. For the maximum possible core recovery, we have a variety of conventional and wire line core barrels in numerous sizes. Our stock of tools and supplies expedites work and cuts down time. The techniques and equipment available are truly endless because of our manufacturing capability. If the job is N wireline diamond coring to depths of over 1000 feet, 6-inch diameter concrete coring in a dam in the middle of a river or anything in between, Pennsylvania Drilling has the equipment and expertise to get the job done.