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Limited Only By The Imagination

Special Projects

The unusual has always been the stock in trade of Pennsylvania Drilling Company. Because of our talented personnel and management, we are able to successfully complete the jobs others avoid. How can we do this? The answer is talented people with experience in many different projects. The work we take on is far from repetitious. Our work load requires that employees learn all techniques. What a driller learns on one project can be helpful and innovative on another.

In short, our special projects capabilities are limited only by the imagination of the engineer, geologist, or customer. Our selection of equipment provides our customers with the flexibility to design their own program based on the particular requirements of the site, not just what has been done before. Our manufacturing division provides us with the opportunity to quickly revise the tooling on a job based on unique circumstances.

The expertise of our personnel and management provides our customers the maximum flexibility available in information accumulation. The experience is here for numerous instrumentation installations and in-situ tests not limited to inclinometer, extensometer, and piezometer installation and permeability and vane shear tests.