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Winchester, VA- (866) 459-5309, (540) 771-5882, Ask for Donnie or James.

PennDrill Manufacturing offers grouting equipment for rent through our Winchester, VA division. Our current rental fleet consists of the following, with the potential for more to come:

PD1011HD- Colloidal Grout Plant


The PD1011H is PennDrill’s most popular Grout Plant. Equipped with what is regarded as one of the best Colloidal mixers on the market, this plant offers a self-contained unit, with portability, a user friendly operating system, and a reliable John Deere engine. This Colloidal Grout Plant will help you reach reliable on your grout. This unit is customizable for your specific needs. Great for mini-piles, soil-nails, rock anchors, industrial and commercial grouting, and for mine grouting.

Brochure PD1011HD Brochure PD1011HD (1138 KB)

PD800E- Portable Electric Silo


The PD800E Portable Silo makes your grouting jobs more convenient, time effective, and labor light. The electric silo provides a scaling system, screw fed auger, and a 800 bag capacity. The PD800E is available for rent or purchase. It works great in conjunction with the PD1011H Grout Plant.

Availability: This unit is built as a STOCK MODEL

Brochure PD800E Brochure PD800E (928 KB)

PD411HD- Colloidal Grout Plant


The PD411HD is a smaller Colloidal grout plant that packs a punch. This unit is similar to the PD1011HD, but provides a bit more mobility and efficiency on space. This unit provides the reliability of producing high breaks, but the versatility of a small mixer.

Availability: This unit is built ORDER SPECIFIC

Brochure PD411HD Brochure PD411HD (1172 KB)

PD6000E- Agitation Tank


The PD6000E provides you with paddle assisted agitation and plumbing in order to connect your pumps. This unit is great for holding large quantities of material, and couples great with the PDSD2000E.

Availability: This unit is built ORDER SPECIFIC

Brochure PD6000E Brochure PD6000E (738 KB)

PDCP1200E- Paddle Assisted Colloidal Mixer


The PDCP1200 is a paddle assisted, Colloidal grout mixer. This combination allows both colloidal grout mixing, and paddle agitation to occur simultaneously or separately as required. The operations run simultaneously allow you to achieve rapid mixing of base unit, followed by paddle agitation to keep the mix stable. The Colloidal Mixers can be turned off to conserve power or to avoid unwanted heat in the mix.

Availability: This unit is built ORDER SPECIFIC

PDSD2000E- Automated Colloidal Mixer


The PD SD2000E Automated Grout Plant is a leader in grout production and automation. The machine can produce up to 40 cubic meters of grout per hour. The automation program allows you to create specific recipes, meeting your required specs. 100% customizable, this unit can also be modified to communicate with data logging and real time monitoring processes.

Availability: This unit is built ORDER SPECIFIC

Brochure PDSD2000 Brochure PDSD2000 (877 KB)