Grouting Equipment for Sale and Rent

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Our Winchester, Va branch carries the right equipment you need for a variety of grouting applications. We manufacture, sell, and rent High Shear Colloidal Grout Plants equipped with the Colcrete mill, Portable Cement Silos, Automated grout plants, and pumps. Not only do we carry our popular PD1011HD line of plants, but we also have capabilities to customize grout plants to your specific needs.

Please see our equipment page for a listing of all the grouting equipment we manufacture.


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PennDrill and Colcrete

PennDrill Manufacturing has been partnered with Colcrete-EuroDrill for more than 10 years. We utilize Colcrete parts and specs on all of our High Shear Colloidal Grouting Units. PennDrill is the largest supplier of grouting parts, and equipment in all of North America, serving both end users and distributors. To learn more about our line of Colcrete products please contact Donny Speakman.

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Colcrete 2
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